EV Roadtrip – Reclaim your confidence and seize something beautiful

Coming Soon – Estimated to be up and running by May – June 2022

This section used to exist under my old site and is being redesigned for the new site. I was new to blogging when I started from Florida to Nevada. Since then I have learned a lot and will record my trip better. The following states will be recorded differently than the rest due to the time I spent honing my writing and recording abilities while in Las Vegas.

Florida – The starting point

Alabama – Quickly navigated

Mississippi – Quickly navigated

Louisiana – Crazy place Quickly navigated

Texas – Did a bit of exploring

New Mexico – Did a bit of exploring

Colorado – Loved the mountains, should have a bit.

Utah – First real hiking adventure

Las Vegas – Practically lived here

Arizona – Got deterred by drunk drivers in Pheonix, but may try again

California – Several visits but need to spend some more time.

Yuru Camping An Unbelievably Simple Way To Enjoy Life.

Yuru camping – Coming late April-May 2022

Yuru ゆる is a Japanese word that translates roughly to loose, laid-back, or lacking in tension. This section is intended for those looking to get away from the everyday struggle and find a piece of tranquility in life. I will highlight some beautiful sites that may be in your own backyard or a decent getaway for the willing. Even if you work a 9-5 you should be able to take these trips with the purchase of some gear and a willingness to go beyond your normal comfort zones.

Stay tuned to see the outcome.