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Mountains are framed in the distance, by red rocks. The whole picture is in black in white though.

Treasure The Most Valuable Planet We Know Of.

What is value to you? Is it stored in currency? Maybe in a home or car? Could it be your children? Or the inheritance you plan to leave for them? There’s nothing wrong with any of these, but I think we all are lucky enough to be the inheritors of something more valuable.


After all, what and where would your definition of value be without it? Today is the day we put environmental concerns at the forefront of our minds and try to make a conscious decision to change. We also celebrate the wonders, the beauty, and the comforts of life this fragile blue orb in space provides us.

At Found On Earth, I encourage my readers to put down the tech and get outside. Explore the magnificent gift you have.

This is the latest, whats new! April 19, 2022

First, let me apologize for the lengthy delay. The time has been used wisely and there are a few updates. So without delay, let’s dive into them.

Backend Development

I am a sole contributor to the site, so I find I can only contribute to one part of the site at a given time. For the last few weeks, I have been working and focusing on developing the website’s overall performance.

What’s new?

I removed all old logos and updated them. The old logo represented the old goal of testing the electric charging infrastructure. Today the blog has evolved and so too has the logo.

Introducing the new logo.

It is simple yet complex. Easily viewed as Enso (円相) encircling the earth.

The meaning will not be explained. After all. What one sees is a testament to where they are on their journey.

It came out way better than my hand drawn concept!.

Menus have been restructured to allow content to be found easier. Some content has been updated and refined for easier reading. Others will be updated and new articles are being developed. I want to deliver only the best content to you, so please be patient as I work to refine the site.

You can now donate BAT to the site using the Brave Browser. I am officially a verified creator. Best of all you can do it without paying a dime from your pocket. All it takes is to use the Brave browser and enable brave rewards. They will deposit bat monthly for clicking their ads. The browser can also block unwanted ads. Be sure to deactivate brave on old computers as they only give 4-lifetime licenses to users.

To donate to me, simply navigate to my website in the brave browser and click the Brave rewards triangle then click send tip. If you enjoy my content I would greatly appreciate it. I am not sponsored and everything is self-funded.

Car Status

The car is finally fixed! I will admit that the bank is broke because of it! But my spirits are still high. Everything seems to be functioning as it should and I am happy about that. Due to the cost, I will be extending the stay in Vegas, but I’m fine with it. I will be utilizing the time to get things with the blog in order.


I didn’t spend much of these weeks exploring since I was focused on the site. I also worked for a few days to offset costs. I also donated some photo equipment to reduce my travel weight. Ali, Someone I met in Vegas also does photography. I hope it will serve her well! I have a picture, but will not post it without her permission. I have also been thinking of starting a section for the amazing people I meet. I just may do that…


I am grateful to the contributors who donated 31.35 BAT to me. Since I just added the account I haven’t received my first payout. Therefore, I am not sure who the contributor(s) are. But I want to take the time to thank you.

This is the latest, whats new! Mar 24, 2022 is now FoundOn.Earth

It was an endearing challenge, but the site is finally migrated over to the new name. Let me apologize as it was down for a full day! If you have bookmarked it will work until about this time next year. Please update it as soon as possible. I am going to leave the old logo up for a few to allow people to know they hit the right site.

What provoked a name change?

FoundOn.Earth is more fitting to the goals of the site.

When I set out on my adventures, I never intended to start a blog. But I did and freechargemycar was the chosen name. It required a bit of explanation as it was about charging for free, exploring, and finding myself. Since the name didn’t explain it well it was obvious that a rebranding was needed.

Amazon Wish list started

I finally got around to creating a wish list, which will be updated consistently. I gladly accept donations to help achieve some of my goals.

Another deodorant formula Tested!

The second deodorant formula was tested in The Valley of Fire. Temperatures exceeded 95-degrees. Results were promising, as it did not fail during my long sweaty hike. I will admit it needs some fine-tuning before I publish the final results. As of now this one is essential oil free.

It was so hot I felt like I was going to pass out!

This is the latest, whats new! March 22, 2022

Most of last week was spent updating the site and acquiring more of the Yuru Camping gear. The good news? I now have most of the equipment I need to do my Yuru hammock camping! I still need to get a tent for some of the camping.

Lots of great content will hit soon. Please be patient as I get everything set up, as I have a full schedule. I am working a part-time job during the week, alongside this endeavor. Eventually, I will set up a gift list if you wish to donate items to help me get set up. I will give you an honorable mention on the site, maybe even in a video.

A new article for the travel deodorant I make and use was published. I did editing on it in the evening yesterday to add some essential oil safety warnings.

New Deodorant Formula is bottled up in three containers.

EV Roadtrip – Reclaim your confidence and seize something beautiful

Coming Soon – Estimated to be up and running by May – June 2022

This section used to exist under my old site and is being redesigned for the new site. I was new to blogging when I started from Florida to Nevada. Since then I have learned a lot and will record my trip better. The following states will be recorded differently than the rest due to the time I spent honing my writing and recording abilities while in Las Vegas.

Florida – The starting point

Alabama – Quickly navigated

Mississippi – Quickly navigated

Louisiana – Crazy place Quickly navigated

Texas – Did a bit of exploring

New Mexico – Did a bit of exploring

Colorado – Loved the mountains, should have a bit.

Utah – First real hiking adventure

Las Vegas – Practically lived here

Arizona – Got deterred by drunk drivers in Pheonix, but may try again

California – Several visits but need to spend some more time.

Yuru Camping An Unbelievably Simple Way To Enjoy Life.

Yuru camping – Coming late April-May 2022

Yuru ゆる is a Japanese word that translates roughly to loose, laid-back, or lacking in tension. This section is intended for those looking to get away from the everyday struggle and find a piece of tranquility in life. I will highlight some beautiful sites that may be in your own backyard or a decent getaway for the willing. Even if you work a 9-5 you should be able to take these trips with the purchase of some gear and a willingness to go beyond your normal comfort zones.

Stay tuned to see the outcome.

The Travel Deodorant You Want To Know How To Make!

Warning, This Is The Travel Deodorant You’ll Love!

Why do I believe you’ll love this travel deodorant? Simple, it does its job well without the health risk that many store-bought chemical cocktails present. What’s more, it eliminates the issues many have come to expect from natural deodorants. No more bleached underarm hairs, caking deodorant, and underarm soreness. Not to mention the benefit of making it at home with ingredients you can easily find. Best of all, Your skin is left feeling soft and moisturized while achieving all-day protection.

Powerful Results For Adventurous People

Being the inspiration, travelers and adventurers who lack access to water for long periods will enjoy this powerful yet gentle travel deodorant. In addition to preventing new ones, it eliminates smells that have already formed. Therefore, users do not have to clean their pits before using it. Furthermore, the solution can be applied indefinitely without washing, still retaining the ability to eliminate odors. Nevertheless, showering is still encouraged.

Quick Navigation – TLDR

Hitting the “back” button on your browser after clicking the links below will bring you back to this section.

A Simple Travel Deodorant With The Best Ingredients

Most deodorants use aluminum or alcohol to combat odor. Aluminum is controversial and can be dangerous in high concentrations. As a result, this one will use alcohol as a base. After all, it is a natural, safe way of combating odor. Furthermore, alcohol is highly effective at eliminating any initial bacteria on the skin’s surface.

The main recipe utilizes essential oils as a vital yet safe ingredient. Moreover, they offer aromatic scents. Additionally, many have antifungal and antibacterial properties that fight odors. Their cost can be high, but buying in bulk can offset the expense.

Rosewater makes a great alternative to essential oils. It is an antioxidant that produces a pleasant smell while providing moisturization and reducing inflammation. When paired with the other ingredients, it creates an uncompromising travel deodorant. From my test, I can see that the essential oil recipe offers a strong smell that lasts longer. Nevertheless, Rosewater still keeps the underarms in check all day.

Sweet almond oil is the recommended base oil. It makes skin feel soft and has a delayed absorption rate. I am not sure if this helps make the deodorant last longer, but the test I have run makes it appear so. Additionally, it leaves the skin feeling moisturized after consistent use.

Apple cider vinegar increases the travel deodorant’s longevity. Moreover, it disrupts the PH levels under the arm, creating an inhabitable environment for the bacteria and fungi to grow. However, the scent of vinegar is overpowering, causing us to add only a little to the mixture. Conversely, adding more would increase its concentration. It’s speculative, but this may increase longevity.

Where To Buy Ingredients

 Most of the ingredients are available at your local health store or online. The alcohol is the only exception, but most local liquor stores carry it.

Things You Need To Know.

I am very excited to share this and have been waiting for the moment to post it. However, I am just going to be straightforward. Not all deodorants have the same effects on everyone. There are sensitivities that some of us must endure. I am aware of this and consistently try alternatives to see if I can find other variants that may work better for those with sensitivities.

Alcohol deodorants can present a burning sensation, but it is rare and preventable. You only need to know what causes the feeling and learn how to avoid doing those things. Users are welcome to submit any findings in the comment section below. The following could contribute to the burning effect.

  • Not using the right bottle
    • The ball does not roll well or apply enough solution
    • Too much friction from roller all
    • Applying solution rough
  • Skin Problems
    • Having torn skin in your underarms (shaving)
    • Sensitive skin
    • Scrubbing under the arm instead of a gentle cleaning
  • Not enough oil in the mixture

I must remind users that this travel deodorant destroys odors under the arms. Moreover, it is efficient at eliminating the bacteria and fungi that cause it. As a result, you do not need to scrub hard to remove the existing odor before applying. It works well enough to freshen the smelliest of pits.

Activities That Will Make You Sweat More.

I recommend carrying the bottle for elevated physical activities (especially in the heat). Sweat will not affect the deodorant working. However, extreme sweating will overtake the underarm surface and dilute the potency of the deodorant. Re-apply, even if an odor starts to form. The travel deodorant will eliminate it and continue protection.

I tested the Rosewater formula recently on an intense 5-hour, 4.4-mile hike in the Nevada desert. It was a hot day that included some rock climbing. The travel deodorant lasted until the end of the trip (intense sweating with a backpack on). I re-applied the deodorant in the car after the hike. No odors came back for the remainder of the day.

Natural Astringents

This travel deodorant does not intend to stop the body from functioning as intended. But you should know it does contain natural astringents. They are not the same as antiperspirants, but they provide essential benefits you need in a deodorant. While antiperspirants block the glands by creating a gel-like substance, astringents allow sweat to still come through at a reduced rateSweat is a natural process that plays a crucial role in regulating skin flora¹; therefore, we do not want to eliminate sweat.


  • Naturally, tighten pores
  • Provide antibacterial benefits
  • Removes irritation
  • Helps with inflammation

As mentioned above, sweat is a natural process the body goes through and is needed. If you have used antiperspirant for a long time, you may need to get used to sweating on hot days.

*Safety Warnings

High-proof alcohol is flammableDo not expose deodorant to high heat, sparks, or open flame. The alcohol vanishes under the arm after a minute, reducing this risk. Nevertheless, exercise caution while the underarms are still wet.

Essential oils can damage plastic, paint, and many other surfaces. It is advisable to store the deodorant away from these surfaces. Store the deodorant away from items that can be damaged if the bottle leaks. Keep out of reach of children.

*More warnings about Essential Oils are posted below.

What do you need to buy?

Buying The Right Container.

I cannot express how vital part the bottle is to the functionality of the deodorant. Please do not look at it as a place to save money. The application makes a big difference in how well the solution works. You will need Deodorant roller bottles designed to hold Essential oils and offer protection against UV. They should be glass, as plastic does not mix well with essential oils. Avoid painted bottles that scratch or flake off (See picture below). Look for baked-in tinted colors.

Worst type of bottle to make your travel deodorant in. This picture shows two bottles that have scratching on the amber paint. You should avoid painted bottles altogether. It is a trick the manufacturer is using to swindle you.
After one week of use, the bottle on the left lost all color on the screw. The paint was also peeling off upon delivery!

Low-Quality plastics not rated for essential oil will warp. Look for the troubling signs before deciding to commit to keeping a bottle.

The cap on the left is warping at the screw. The seller claims the bottle withstands essential oils, but it does not.

Color & UV protection

  • Brown bottles let in the least amount of UV rays.
  • If you cannot find brown, choose cobalt.
  • Green offers the least protection of the color bottles but is still better than clear.
  • Clear bottles are unacceptable.

Size Matters

Liquid Capacity Needs To Meet Your Needs

10ml tinted glass bottles are pocketable, great to travel with, and hold enough fluid for a few (2-3) days. I have three that I use to test mixtures. However, I wouldn’t and don’t use them on a regular. But they are great for keeping in a purse or pocket for emergencies.

Pick a good rollerball for your travel deodorant. This image shows three UV protected bottles containing the travel deodorant. The brown one is in focus and the oil can be seen with the rosewater on top. The other bottles show alcohol mixed in with oil and only the sweet almond oil on the bottom. Desert Mountains are blurred in the background and the bottles sit atop a wet glass surface.
Travel deodorant bottles come in multiple colors. These are my three 10ml test vessels.

I recommend using the 50ml tinted glass bottle. It holds 5x more of the liquid and is not too big to carry around. Moreover, it will prevent you from needing to make the deodorant as often. If the intention is to keep it at home, a 100ML tinted glass bottle may be enough.

Be sure to check your bottle for leaks, and ensure the lid is on tight.

Ball quality matters much more than its size.

Finding large roller balls that can withstand the essential oils seems like a near-impossible task. Most bottles come with a small roller which requires more time and friction. That’s fine as long as we pick quality rollers. I detail below how to find such a roller. 

The size of the bottle matters. Travel deodorants should be placed in a bottle that reflects the time you intend to be out. So far the 50 ML bottle is the best I found to put the solution in.
This 50ml amber glass travel deodorant bottle has the same ball size as the 10ml. Although the balls look the same, the 50ml has a better quality ball.

How to find quality balls.

Whether empty or full, the ball should give no resistance and move freely. Moreover, the liquid should cover the applicator with ease. Thus, allowing the skin’s surface to become saturatedIf the essential oil causes the plastic to swell and the ball falls out, it is not a good bottle. If shaken, the ball must stay in place.

Travel Deodorant bottles should not look like this one. The ball is ok for standard deodorants that don't contain essential oils, but will be destroyed by the oils.

This bottle and ball are of low quality. The ball lost its texture after a week!


I recommend getting all organic ingredients. Though, it is difficult to find organic alcohol above 80% that is organic.

  • Grain Alcohol – Vodka or Tequila 192 – 80 proof (The lower the number is weaker and less effective for some people). This recipe only works with grain alcohols.
Organic Essential oils 

I only use the top three (All listed have antibacterial properties).

An asterisk (*) means to Click for warnings!

  • Lavender
  • Bergamot*
  • Lemongrass
  • Orange*
  • Clary Sage
  • Clove
  • Tyme
  • Arborvitae
  • Oregano
  • Basil
  • Tea Tree Oil*
  • Organic Sweet Almond Oil
  • Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Rosewater – Currently Testing 
  • Optional ingredients – Untested
    • Aloe Juice – Requires refrigeration (Do not use unless you don’t mind having your deodorant in the fridge)
    • Lemon Juice – Requires refrigeration

Learn How to make your new travel deodorant.

Mixing into the travel deodorant bottle.

  • Add Sweet Almond Oil to about 20-30% of the bottle.
  • Then add the Essential Oil (See table below for amount)
  • Add 1 drop of Apple Cider Vinegar per 1 ML (50 drops for 50ml)
  • Fill the remaining space (Leaving a little room to shake) with the chosen (Grain) Alcohol.
  • Shake the solution well. (Store in a cool, dark location)

Oil settling is natural. Just shake before applying to each arm.

Essential Oil10 ML Travel Deodorant Bottle50 ML Travel Deodorant Bottle
Bergamot5 Drops25 drops
Lemongrass20 Drops50 Drops
Lavender7 Drops35 Drops
Amount of essential oil drops to add to the mixture

The smell can be altered* by switching the oil drop amounts. For example, to get a strong lavender smell:

  • 10 drops of Lavender instead of Lemongrass
  • 7 drops of Lemongrass
  • 5 Bergamot

I find that adding more sweet almond oil reduces the chance of feeling the burning effect. 

How to apply your travel deodorant and reduce discomfort

Let the skin heal after shaving. Applying after a shave would likely reduce the chance of a skin infection, but I don’t recommend it. Fun fact. Alcohol doesn’t physically cause burns. It does activate the same receptors that a hot object or fire would, Just with less intensity. 


  • If possible, gently clean under the arms with mild soap and water. Use apple cider vinegar in the field.
  • Avoid using anything abrasive under the arm.
  • Although it isn’t a requirement, applying apple cider vinegar before application helps clean the skin and disrupt the PH levels. (Apply to makeup removal cotton pads)


  • It is best to hold your arm up to stretch the skin’s surface.
  • Shake the bottle often to ensure an even initial mixture
  • Apply before sleep and after waking up.
  • Roll-on generous amounts in a circular motion, leaving the surface well saturated. Aim to cover the length of the underarm, not just the cup. 
  • Roll the bottle in a circle motion softly, applying thick wet coats

The oil will naturally settle (Separate) during wiping. You want this towards the end of the application as it will act as a seal.

Just a tip, everyone should carry the bottle around for the first few weeks until they know how their body performs with the deodorant.

Other powerful uses for this solution.

This solution also makes a powerful multi-use spray. All you need to do is put it in a UV-protected spray bottle. However, It is best to omit Sweet almond oil if you intend to use it as a surface spray. The oil will dry up and leave residue on the surface. Some uses include, but are not limited to:

  • Sanitize surfaces
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Room freshener
  • Pillow spray
  • Fabric freshener
  • Odor elimination
  • Toilet freshener – Spray in the toilet before use

Using the multi-use spray will cause you to burn through your ingredients faster.

I Hope You Enjoy Your New Travel Deodorant!

Thanks for trying this recipe out. It makes a great gift idea for friends and family. Be sure to share the post with them and always check back for updates.

While I do my best to ensure I include everything, somethings are easy to miss. Feel free to leave a comment with feedback. I only ask that you be respectful and understand that not everyone has the same body. I can only test theories on myself. Therefore, my results may differ from others.

Essential Oil Warnings.

Essential oils are highly concentrated. This potency allows them to work but can makes them somewhat hazardous if not used properly. Some things should be adhered to when using essential oils.

  • Essential oils applied topically should always be diluted. The only exception is if instructed by a physician.
  • Ensure oils are stored out of the sunlight and away from children.
  • Store away from medications and food. Keep this in mind if you use Aloe Juice, which requires refrigeration.
  • *Citrus oils such as orange, bergamot, lemon, and more, can cause skin photosensitivity.
    • Keep this in mind while doing outdoor activities that expose the underarms to the sun.
  • *Tea Tree Oil can only be used in small concentrations.
  • Essential oil use is not recommended while pregnant or nursing.
  • Do not ingest essential oils. Consult a physician if accidental ingestion occurs.
  • Children should not use certain essential oils. Please research which oils are safe for children. Some pose a life-threatening risk to them.
  • Mint oils have antibacterial functions. However, dermatologist do not recommend using them.
  • Never use on mucous membranes (mouth, nostrils, etc.)
  • Patch testing for allergic reactions and sensitivities is always encouraged before applying to a large area.
  • Essential oils can pose a threat to aquatic life. Do not use anything containing essential oils while swimming.
  • If you experience itching, pain, or rashes due to a particular essential oil, try a different one, or reduce the concentration.


¹Schittek, B., Hipfel, R., Sauer, B. et al. Dermcidin: a novel human antibiotic peptide secreted by sweat glands. Nat Immunol 2, 1133–1137 (2001).


This is the latest, whats new! – Stuck in Vegas

New in the world – EV Travel: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

I have been working for a bit with the Vegas Loop as I have my car repaired. The cost of repair keeps adding up. After waiting a bit over a month the battery was swapped out. Alas, another problem crept up while waiting to get the battery swapped. A notification started appearing letting me know kindly that the car was not willing to leave Las Vegas that easily.

The techs said they noticed the refrigerant low so they filled it. Unfortunately, when after the swap I still noticed the error. As a result, Tesla now believes there is a leak in the AC system. This isn’t good as it could cause the battery to overheat while driving maybe even leading to the same problem I had the first time. I will start adding status post to keep you up to date with whats happening.

Other updates

The cost to eat out is extreme and even with the job, I am finding I can’t keep up with expenses. I want to continue the trip, but may need to take a full-time job until I can get the rest of the supplies I need, cover my repair bills, and pay my acquired debt.

New articles coming soon

I have worked tirelessly over the last month producing articles. The site currently shows one, but I have 6 I am working on in the background. Thanks for your patience. I spent a lot of time re-designing the site and editing the photos. It is starting to show and that makes me happy. I eventually will finish the story about how I ended up here. You will want to read that.

Thanks for reading. Constructive Feedback is always welcome. I love you all. And thanks for allowing me to do this.

Electric Cars: Advice For You To Be Better Informed.

Wabi~Sabi (2015 Tesla Model S) parked on the side of Kyle Canyon Rd. near Mt. Charleston, Las Vegas, NV.

Figuring out electric cars

Electric cars are a mystery to most consumers. The confusion is a by-product of poor marketing tactics, misinformation, and mixed headlines. Despite this, people are still determined to make sense of the chaos and purchase an electric vehicle (EV). There’s something to be said about not watching as gas prices soar, or for that matter, pumping gas. What about reducing CO2 emissions while sporting a fun-to-drive car filled with exotic features? Some EVs even suggest they have low maintenance, further improving sustainability.

How do you begin to decipher the cryptic information out there and decide if an EV is right for you? Well, one way to start is to become informed. I am glad you came here to do just that. I think the right approach would be to answer two of the most common questions I, and possibly every EV owner, am being asked. How far do electric cars go on a full charge? / How many years or miles until the battery needs replacement? 

How far do Electric cars go on a full charge?

Wabi~Sabi parked in the desert outside Las Vegas, NV.

Just like a gasoline vehicle, several factors influence how far EVs travel. Therefore, there is not a simple answer to this question. But we can start to look at it by learning about the battery and calculating its realistic range. Then we can learn how to maintain it and what variables affect the distance. Finally, we can Learn what features the EV needs to help preserve the battery.

Find the realistic range of electric cars.

 Finding the realistic range involves knowing a little about the battery itself. Most cars utilize lithium-ion (Li-Ion) technology, which will be the subject of our discussion. Li-Ions exist in most of the portable technology we use every day. These devices tend to have a short lifespan due to the lack of proper charging. So to extend the life of your EV, you must know how to charge it the correct way. It starts with maintaining the charge levels.

Learn to maintain the proper charge levels.

Proper charge levels should be between 20% – 80% State of Charge (SoC) for daily commuting and 20% – 90% SoC for trips. Some manufacturers will recommend going to a max of 100% and below 20% if needed on trips. I highly advise against this advice if you want longevity. But know it is better to make it to your destination than to get stranded, so do 100% when vital. Just know that it will come at a cost.

Getting the realistic range

Now that you know how to maintain the proper levels, we can utilize that information to calculate the true range of an EV. Following the advice above, you can see that we need to subtract the bottom 20% and upper 20% from the total range (This allows you to maintain a proper charge balance). Ex. According to Tesla’s website, a 2022 Tesla M3 gets 334 miles estimated. Subtract 40% from this range to get an approximate real-world range. (334 Mi est.  – 40% = 200.40 Miles)

A loaner Tesla Model 3 takes up the frame. The picture is in Black and white. The Tesla "T" logo sits in the lower left third of the frame. Only the driver side headlight is visible with 75% of the front view of the car. The background is blurred with hints of a mountain and a flat ground. The picture is taken with the Model 3 parked on the Bonnie Claire dry lakebed in Nevada.
This older Tesla Model 3 rates at 272 Miles. Minus the 40%, it should see 163 Miles. It currently gets around 115 after degradation and driving in the mountainous area of Nevada.

Figure out the variables that will affect your range.

Gasoline cars are affected by these same variables. But we look past them since it does not take 40 minutes to refuel. Also, a gas station is frequently available. Electric cars cannot enjoy these benefits yet. As a result, you will need to ask yourself what your intended use will be; Both long-term and short-term.  Charging takes longer than fueling up a gas car. And charging is not available on as many routes. 

To help you find your intended use, I have listed a few ideas below.

  • Road trips
  • Ride-sharing
  • Business
  • Commute to work
  • Hauling
  • Occasional trips (distance?) 
  • A combination of these? 

Ask yourself:

Will any of these involve having weight added to the car? (More energy is required to move more weight at lower speeds.)

Will the commute have trips up mountains? (One-way trips up mountains can shorten range significantly)

Do you live in an area with high winds? (Oncoming winds create aerodynamic resistance (drag), therefore lowering efficiency)

Are the road conditions smooth or rough? (rough roads increase rolling-resistance, causing loss of range)

Will you drive on a highway or a city street? (Stop and go is more efficient for most EVs due to regenerative braking.)

Are there any other factors that may reduce the range?

How will you charge your electric car?

Having a charger where you live is essential. It allows the car to have an optimal charge level for when you need it. And can prevent you from adding a daily commute to an offsite charger before returning home. A car charged away from home to 90% may return home with 80% depending on distance traveled. After sitting overnight, the driver may only have 78% left or lower. Also, If you leave town without your car, you want to leave the car plugged in. Hopefully, it will prevent you from returning home to a dead battery. 

Know what vehicle features you want to have

Features are relative to what you want. But I will mention a few to look for in an EV that will help maintain your range.

The ability to regulate the charge level

Be sure to purchase an EV that allows you to manage (regulate) charge levels. Ask if you can set the maximum charge level. If the dealer says no, ask if the software design allows for reserves on both ends of the battery (The EV will show 0% when it has 20% SoC and 100% when it has 90% SoC). Another reason you want a vehicle that can have the charge level regulated is to prevent charging to 100% when not in use and plugged in. 

The ability to prepare the car for departure

You will also want the car to set cabin/battery temperature before arriving at it. Essentially, you want a passive heating and cooling system. It should allow the cabin to be cooled on a hot day and heated on a cold day. Be sure it brings the battery to operating temperature on cold days and charges the pack to 100% concurrently. It would also be wise to ask if the car keeps the battery cells cooled when no one is around to ensure it doesn’t get too hot on a sunny day.

In conclusion, make sure you get enough value out of your car. The EV industry dictates what they sell, but they react to what customers buy. As a result, you can control the quality of future EVs by making decisions that ensure you are purchasing a worthy product.

How Many Years Or Miles Until The Battery Needs Replacement?

Wabi~Sabi backed up against the side the Tesla service center / dealership with parking lights on. The Tesla logo is back-lit and sits in the upper left corner of the building.
My battery failed at 30% within 88,000 Miles and six years. She awaits a refurbished battery outside Tesla.

As you read above, proper maintenance determines how long the battery lasts. Therefore, guessing longevity is impractical. However, You can maximize your vehicle battery life by learning about and eliminating the variables that cause early wear. Age and time are not preventable (except maybe with time travel), but managing the other situations can prolong life.

Heat and battery life

Heat has the most significant impact on battery life. Undoubtedly, it makes the passive cooling system I mentioned above is an essential feature. With this in mind, it is imperative to keep your climate system in peak shape. Thus, repairing anything that goes wrong with it immediately.

The following produce heat levels that can reduce battery life:

  • Local climate
  • Cooling system failure
  • Quick discharging/recharging (super/fast charging and speeding)
  • Driving during hot days
  • Parking in the sun / over hot asphalt

Winter capacity woes

Winter temporarily reduces charge capacity, mainly causing trouble when the car sits in the cold off the charger for a while. It is not permanent or a cause for concern. As mentioned above, you want the car to warm the battery up before driving and ensure the charge is at the desired capacity during winter. Any vehicle that warms the cabin before driving is also a plus.

Remember, avoid charging to 100%. Just as important as staying above 20%. But never go to 0% for any reason. Avoid all of these by ordering a vehicle that meets your capacity needs (Total miles – 40% = Real capacity).  If you bought a car that allows charge capacity regulation, keep the car connected to a charger when not in use. If you have a vehicle that doesn’t, consider seeking a third-party charger that allows this functionality.

You are now ready to purchase or maintain your current electric car battery better. Please share this with anyone you know. Most of us will likely buy an EV in the future. Knowledgable consumers force companies to produce better products.

Endless stretched out road

Sunset on the horizon

Insufficient charge


Bonus Extra knowledge: What makes up a great electric car.

High battery capacity
Low weight
Efficient motors
Low energy loss due to cabin electronics
Low vampire power drain
Low drag coefficient
Low rolling resistant tires