Found on Earth day. Devoted to life and survival.

Mountains are framed in the distance, by red rocks. The whole picture is in black in white though.

Treasure The Most Valuable Planet We Know Of.

What is value to you? Is it stored in currency? Maybe in a home or car? Could it be your children? Or the inheritance you plan to leave for them? There’s nothing wrong with any of these, but I think we all are lucky enough to be the inheritors of something more valuable.


After all, what and where would your definition of value be without it? Today is the day we put environmental concerns at the forefront of our minds and try to make a conscious decision to change. We also celebrate the wonders, the beauty, and the comforts of life this fragile blue orb in space provides us.

At Found On Earth, I encourage my readers to put down the tech and get outside. Explore the magnificent gift you have.