This is the latest, whats new! Mar 24, 2022 is now FoundOn.Earth

It was an endearing challenge, but the site is finally migrated over to the new name. Let me apologize as it was down for a full day! If you have bookmarked it will work until about this time next year. Please update it as soon as possible. I am going to leave the old logo up for a few to allow people to know they hit the right site.

What provoked a name change?

FoundOn.Earth is more fitting to the goals of the site.

When I set out on my adventures, I never intended to start a blog. But I did and freechargemycar was the chosen name. It required a bit of explanation as it was about charging for free, exploring, and finding myself. Since the name didn’t explain it well it was obvious that a rebranding was needed.

Amazon Wish list started

I finally got around to creating a wish list, which will be updated consistently. I gladly accept donations to help achieve some of my goals.

Another deodorant formula Tested!

The second deodorant formula was tested in The Valley of Fire. Temperatures exceeded 95-degrees. Results were promising, as it did not fail during my long sweaty hike. I will admit it needs some fine-tuning before I publish the final results. As of now this one is essential oil free.

It was so hot I felt like I was going to pass out!

This is the latest, whats new! March 22, 2022

Most of last week was spent updating the site and acquiring more of the Yuru Camping gear. The good news? I now have most of the equipment I need to do my Yuru hammock camping! I still need to get a tent for some of the camping.

Lots of great content will hit soon. Please be patient as I get everything set up, as I have a full schedule. I am working a part-time job during the week, alongside this endeavor. Eventually, I will set up a gift list if you wish to donate items to help me get set up. I will give you an honorable mention on the site, maybe even in a video.

A new article for the travel deodorant I make and use was published. I did editing on it in the evening yesterday to add some essential oil safety warnings.

New Deodorant Formula is bottled up in three containers.

Yuru Camping An Unbelievably Simple Way To Enjoy Life.

Yuru camping – Coming late April-May 2022

Yuru ゆる is a Japanese word that translates roughly to loose, laid-back, or lacking in tension. This section is intended for those looking to get away from the everyday struggle and find a piece of tranquility in life. I will highlight some beautiful sites that may be in your own backyard or a decent getaway for the willing. Even if you work a 9-5 you should be able to take these trips with the purchase of some gear and a willingness to go beyond your normal comfort zones.

Stay tuned to see the outcome.