This is the latest, whats new! March 22, 2022

Most of last week was spent updating the site and acquiring more of the Yuru Camping gear. The good news? I now have most of the equipment I need to do my Yuru hammock camping! I still need to get a tent for some of the camping.

Lots of great content will hit soon. Please be patient as I get everything set up, as I have a full schedule. I am working a part-time job during the week, alongside this endeavor. Eventually, I will set up a gift list if you wish to donate items to help me get set up. I will give you an honorable mention on the site, maybe even in a video.

A new article for the travel deodorant I make and use was published. I did editing on it in the evening yesterday to add some essential oil safety warnings.

New Deodorant Formula is bottled up in three containers.