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New in the world – EV Travel: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

I have been working for a bit with the Vegas Loop as I have my car repaired. The cost of repair keeps adding up. After waiting a bit over a month the battery was swapped out. Alas, another problem crept up while waiting to get the battery swapped. A notification started appearing letting me know kindly that the car was not willing to leave Las Vegas that easily.

The techs said they noticed the refrigerant low so they filled it. Unfortunately, when after the swap I still noticed the error. As a result, Tesla now believes there is a leak in the AC system. This isn’t good as it could cause the battery to overheat while driving maybe even leading to the same problem I had the first time. I will start adding status post to keep you up to date with whats happening.

Other updates

The cost to eat out is extreme and even with the job, I am finding I can’t keep up with expenses. I want to continue the trip, but may need to take a full-time job until I can get the rest of the supplies I need, cover my repair bills, and pay my acquired debt.

New articles coming soon

I have worked tirelessly over the last month producing articles. The site currently shows one, but I have 6 I am working on in the background. Thanks for your patience. I spent a lot of time re-designing the site and editing the photos. It is starting to show and that makes me happy. I eventually will finish the story about how I ended up here. You will want to read that.

Thanks for reading. Constructive Feedback is always welcome. I love you all. And thanks for allowing me to do this.